Painting on Recycled wood Board – Two-Sided Painting

Final piece – acrylic and gold leaf on 2’ x 3’ wood board – martians on the lower right

I recently completed a painting for a friend in which I painted over my old artwork from the 90s. No worries it was crappy artwork anyway – I was trying to emulate the style from Juxtapoz Magazine. It really just looks like a crazy stream of consciousness painting. It was also done in chalk pastels and colored pencils so it was badly faded, I needed to paint over it. This new painting had to be fresh, bright, and lively – so I decided to try a rosemaling technique but I ended up painting the roses freestyle. My friend wanted to keep the little green Martians that you see on the lower right corner of the final piece…. and keep the girl that’s painted on the other side of the board which was my attempt at Litchenstein.

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