Halloween Window Display

This is a Halloween window display I did for C.A.R.L. Boutique Thrift Store in Ventura, California. This thrift store raises money for the Canine Adoption & Rescue League. When designing the window I wanted to make it impactful and Halloween festive without too much stuff. My budget was zero dollars & zero cents, however I could use anything in the thrift store. I did purchase a couple of items – the fortune teller sign and flowers (a big bag of flowers for $5 dollar from Michael’s Craft Store) and I already had the pink wig.

Although it was tempting to use a lot of items from the thrift store, I needed to keep it minimal. This is because if something sells from the window the employee or volunteer has to leave the store and walk to the window and unlock to retrieve the item, it’s an extra step for them. So my strategy was minimal with drapes, color, and large shapes.

I did the concept sketches below I knew what I actually would be working with. I knew I had the mannequins and the risers but drapes and everything else I was guessing we had in stock.

I also hand painted the C.A.R.L. window sign using acrylic craft paint and gold leaf. (Sign painting is much harder than it looks!)

This is a concept sketch for the window front side. (We share a window with a yoga/martial arts studio)
Concept sketch – side window
Window before. We share the front window with a yoga/martial arts studio

I tried my best to take photos without reflection but it was impossible.

Window after. We still share the window.
Side Window before

I did not see 2020 coming….
What’s in store for 2021?
window lighting sunset
inside the window
Hand painted sign with gold leaf.

Koi Painting

Koi (acrylic on canvas) approx 16” x 32”
Original concept
Another concept – same canvas
Totally different concept- same canvas – dark & abstract
Taped areas and metallic silver spray paint.

I went with this one, when I took the tape off it showed this blue underneath – but wanted more of a focus on the fish.
Gessoed everything except the fish for a do-over.
Getting there…
This is probably my favorite – I kind of wish I left it here.

Just like my career this painting has gone through many phases and is a work-in-progress. It was made for the career area at the North front entrance. According to feng shui this area is guided by the element of water and the colors black and blue. Gold magnifies and koi fish are considered auspicious. Its done for now though I may edit further. The good thing is that I made the fish abstract enough to be able to hang “upside down “ or “right side up.”