Wood Folding Tray Makeover

This was a quick and fun project in repainting this wood folding tray, which can be used as a side table in most any area, I’m using it in the kitchen. The sun and checkers stencil was done with masking tape and the moon and stars were a printed stencil. The compass is basic letterContinue reading “Wood Folding Tray Makeover”

Halloween Window Display

This is a Halloween window display I did for C.A.R.L. Boutique Thrift Store in Ventura, California. This thrift store raises money for the Canine Adoption & Rescue League. When designing the window I wanted to make it impactful and Halloween festive without too much stuff. My budget was zero dollars & zero cents, however IContinue reading “Halloween Window Display”

Painting on Recycled wood Board – Two-Sided Painting

I recently completed a painting for a friend in which I painted over my old artwork from the 90s. No worries it was crappy artwork anyway – I was trying to emulate the style from Juxtapoz Magazine. It really just looks like a crazy stream of consciousness painting. It was also done in chalk pastelsContinue reading “Painting on Recycled wood Board – Two-Sided Painting”