Koi Painting

Koi (acrylic on canvas) approx 16” x 32”
Original concept
Another concept – same canvas
Totally different concept- same canvas – dark & abstract
Taped areas and metallic silver spray paint.

I went with this one, when I took the tape off it showed this blue underneath – but wanted more of a focus on the fish.
Gessoed everything except the fish for a do-over.
Getting there…
This is probably my favorite – I kind of wish I left it here.

Just like my career this painting has gone through many phases and is a work-in-progress. It was made for the career area at the North front entrance. According to feng shui this area is guided by the element of water and the colors black and blue. Gold magnifies and koi fish are considered auspicious. Its done for now though I may edit further. The good thing is that I made the fish abstract enough to be able to hang “upside down “ or “right side up.”

Neon Abstract

This is the result of the 24” x 30” blank canvas from the earlier post, neon squares painted with acrylics and slightly sanded over. This will go in my “creativity area” according to feng shui. I don’t know if I’m done with the painting but I’m done for today.

Finished for now…
In progress

In progress


Staring at a blank canvas.

I need an uplifting happy piece for my “creativity area” – something with bright and cool colors. I definitely want some bling because there’s not a lot of light in this area.

Blank canvas
Helper kitty is ready