Secretary Desk Makeover


This is a recently completed project. I found this beautiful wood secretary desk at the thrift shop. I liked it because of it’s compact size 28″ wide x 15″ deep, and 38″ high, and that was was multifunctional. It. has 3 large drawers on the bottom and a fold down desk with small storage and mini drawer on the top. The top of the desk could also be utilized to hold things, a lamp, a statue, books…..I told myself that if no one bought this in a week, I will buy it. I actually did not have space for it, but I wanted to refurbish it. I waited about 4 days and I ended up buying it. I gave it some TLC and dolled it up while still allowing the natural wood to shine through. It features a painted stencil on the door, fresh coat of paint to brighten up the interior, new handles, velour lining – (that is removable), and key with tassel that works!

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